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There will be an Annual Meeting  of the Board of Trustees at Payette High School Choir Room on Monday, July 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm


*Annual Meeting Notice


There will be a regular meeting of the school board of trustees of the Payette Joint School District on Monday, July, 14 at 7:00 pm at Payette High School Choir Room 


MMS Administration

     Principal: Rick Hale, 

     Federal Programs Director: Lonnie Johnson,

     Dean of Students: Lonnie Johnson, 

     Secretary: Kathy Miller, 

     Bookkeeper: Jaylene Schultz,

     School Nurse: Anne Hannigan, 

     Technology Coordinator: Danny Squibb, 


MMS Certified Faculty

     6th Grade Social Studies/History: Zach Ballard,

     6th Grade General Science: John Graversen,

     6th Grade Language Arts: Janet Kammerzell,

     6th Grade Computers/Technology: Gilbert Gutierrez, Planning a Presentation Form

     6th Grade Math: Michelle Stoneman, 

     7th Grade Language Arts: Connie Jones, 

    7th Grade Language Arts: Kory Gott,

     7th Grade Social Studies/History: Les Jarmin, 

     7th Grade Life Science: Kevin Campbell, kccampbell@/

     7th Grade Math: Scott Horrace, 

     8th Grade Social Studies/History: Don Belvoir, 

     8th Grade Earth Science: Laura Thomason, 

     8th Grade Language Arts: Kelli Carson, 

     8th Grade Reading: Tory Bratcher, 

     8th Grade Math: Connie Surmeier,

     Art: Brooke Christensen,

     Band/Choir: Averi Krall,

     ESL: Bo Riddick, 

     Media Specialist: Kory Gott, 

     PE: Anna Van Weerdhuizen, 

    PE/History: Shawn Scow,  

     Special Education: Sterling Fitch,  


MMS Support Staff

     Custodian Lead: Twila Stiles, 

     Federal Programs: Margaret Boyer, 

     Federal Programs: Corean Romriell, 

     Lunch: Janet Kamimae, 

     SPED Teacher Assistant: Kyle Stahl,

    After School Director: Sophie Avila,


MMS Part Time Staff

   Custodian: Terry Bratcher

   Custodian: Joyce Cuthbert

   Custodian: Donna Thomason

   Lunch: Michelle Greenwood